High Definition Hair
About Us

Most natural, versatile, lightweight and undeniably gorgeous...just a few ways to describe the incomparable, brilliantly crafted wigs created by High Definition Hair®

High Definition Wigs® are made with a specially developed, patent pending prosthetic scalp replica that matches your exact scalp color. This breakthrough scalp replication process offers a completely untraceable unit that can be parted anywhere you'd like and mimics aspects of your natural hair...but even better!

Aside from the unparalleled level of versatility and absolutely undetectable construction, what separates High Definition Wigs® from the rest are their low-maintenance application--NO GLUE OR TAPE IS NEEDED and NO THREAD IS NECESSARY because each handcrafted unit is built out to each individual's specific head dimensions, following their hairline, so it fits like a glove. Whether someone is completely bald, or have 18 inches black hair, the wigs are built to address each individual client's specific needs.

If nothing but the best will do, a High Definition Hair® wig is perfect for you!